4 comments on “I See Red

  1. Yes yes.. do blog more.. we should all keep the vibe going!

    And you have a sexy red kitchen sis! Love the Red and black Combi. My second time coming across a red kitchen. My sis says, it stimulates hunger… and makes her active in the kitchen. How about for you? 🙂

    Cook more.. bake more.. and blog more!

    Happy weekend sis!

    • Haha! Thanks sis. Trying to be consistent now 🙂

      Hey, that’s what I feel too. I have even listed the menus to prepare for the next two weeks. Blames it on the red! 😀

      Will do, sis, InsyaAllah. May you have a blessed weekend too!

  2. merah mak ngah …
    red & black hot & nice combo.
    and did i spot a black granite top (cos it looks almost like mine)?

    ummi ade buat kitchen-warming tak?
    kalau ade liza nak jempot diri.
    masak nasi goreng tom yum pon ok, sebab saya pong suker. hee!

    • Oh yes baybeh, it’s a granite top. Been eyeing this for such a long time…

      Tak payah kitchen-warming. Liza call Ummi, cross the road, dah sampai!! Tapi kena bawak Pizza by Amir Mukhtar! Haha!!

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